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2 Sisters Things

Making it Personal with Photos

Personalized gifts are the most cherished gifts a person receives. And when items can be customized with their own images, they are even more precious. We have seen a tremendous increase in picture taking over the past few decades. One reason is because of the advances of photo taking devices. With cameras built into our cell phones, we have the ability to snap a picture anytime and anywhere.

Showcasing these images has created new dimensions of creativity for crafters and today’s Etsy shop has definitely got my vote for creativity. I am excited to post this introduction by the owner of 2 Sisters Things on Etsy.

2 Sisters Things specializes in custom photo pendants using your treasured photographs or art work. When we love something, we keep it close to our hearts. Let us create a beautiful one-of-a-kind pendant that will let you hold tightly to the things you cherish.

Personalized Military Jewelry

We believe  jewelry isn’t just supposed to be pretty. We believe it should say something about the wearer. Our handcrafted charms and pendants will add a unique and special touch to any jewelry collection. You may soon find that your 2SistersThings pendant is your most cherished piece. Because each piece of made by a skilled hand, no two are alike. Each piece has its own personality, which is most definitely unique.

Fun & friendly outdoor décor for your garden & patio spaces, including lighted outdoor accents, beautiful garden statues & more!

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