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Creative Canes ImageAs a blogger and a crafter, I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration and I recently connected with Melanie, the owner of Creative Canes, on Facebook and Etsy and found her shop to be really fascinating.

Melanie works with Premo Polymer Clay to create mostly Millefiori Canes. If you have never heard of this term you are not alone, as a matter of fact, I had to have Melanie enlighten me on exactly what her craft was.

What is Millefori?

Millefiori is an Old Italian glass-working term (Mille = thousand, fiori = flowers). It was originally made with glass but it was adapted into polymer clay because of the clays ability to hold a solid shape. The term millefiori cane is basically a rod/stick of clay with the image running through the entire length of the item.

How to use a “Cane”?

I sell raw canes which allows people to craft and design their own items before their final baking in an oven to cure. After the curing time the item will be ready for use. To use a cane – With a tissue blade or any thin sharp blade you take thin slices from the cane and decorate with the item of your choosing.

What can you make with the canes?

Your imagination is a great tool when working with my canes. Anything that can be heated to 2750 F can be covered and cured. I could list well over 100 projects for polymer clay canes here is a short list.

In the kitchen
covering utensil handles, drawer handle knobs, glass salt and pepper shakers, jars for your sugar and flour, special jam jar gifts.
Around the house
light switch plate covers (test in oven first before covering), glass vases, make up brush handles, photo frames, decorative fan and light switch pull cord, votive candle holders.

Making unique one of a kind pendants and beads, covering pens (I use the matte black bic pen, not the clear ones). Business card holders. The list goes on and on with what can be created, it is a really nice way to create one of a kind gifts.
Thanks Melanie for all the great information on your craft. I really enjoyed learning about what your “canes” were and how they can be used as a basis for so many creations. If you are a crafter in search of a unique material to use in your creations you definitely have to visit Melanie’s Etsy shop for one of her beautiful designed canes.



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